Cort CM15R 15 Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier with Built in Reverb in Red

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Cort’s CM15R is a compact, portable guitar amplifier combo with 15-watts of power. It’s versatile too with two channels, built-in reverb, an auxiliary input and a headphone socket. The clean channel offers a crystal-clear sound while the overdrive channel gives you everything from a bluesy crunch to modern distortion and you can customise the sound using the independent gain and volume controls. This amp has a great look too with a cream-coloured tolex top and knobs providing a great contrast with the rest of the amp’s black tolex finish.

The built-in reverb adds an extra dimension to your sound that comes through the 8-inch Custom speaker with brightness and excellent balance. This combo amp is loud enough to jam with others or practise at home. If you don’t want anyone else to hear you, simply plug in a set of headphones. There’s an auxiliary input too so that you can connect a device like a smartphone and play along with your favourite tracks.


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